Toshiba’s Recently Leaked Ultra Slim Tablet To Be Called The Excite?

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AndroidPolice scored a tip from one of their readers on some recent trademark filings that could give us a name to go along with today’s leak on Toshiba’s upcoming ultra slim, super sexy Android tablet. According to the filings, the tablet could be called the Toshiba Excite although we don’t really have anything that specifically pegs the new tablet to this name so I guess you could call it more of a hunch.

Toshiba’s last effort at an Android Honeycomb tablet fell completely flat with me. It’s overall massively thick size made me feel like it was some kind of ruggedized tab or something manufactured by Nerf. I think this new tablet design finally hits the mark. What do you guys think? Oh – and did anyone actually buy the Thrive?

[Via AndroidPolice]

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