Vodafone – The Evolution of Mobile

goo.gl Vodafone – The Evolution of Mobile. Using cutting edge 3D Projection Vodafone bring you The Evolution of Mobile. This is the first small-scale projection mapping installation using a hand-held camera. From the Motorola brick through to the first text message and colour screen to GPS and Android. The question is, what’s next?


Layar, worlds first mobile Augmented Reality browser

Watch the new Layar 2011 video at www.youtube.com ——————————————– www.layar.com ——————————————– The first mobile Augmented Reality browser premiers in the Netherlands Five Dutch content providers to participate in the worlds first AR browser AMSTERDAM, Tuesday June 16th, 2009. Mobile innovation company SPRXmobile launches Layar, worlds first mobile Augmented Reality browser, which displays real time digital information on top of reality (of) in the camera screen of the mobile phone. While looking through the phones camera lens, a user can see houses for sale, popular bars and shops, jobs, healthcare providers and ATMs. The first country to launch Layar is The Netherlands. Launching partners are local market leaders ING (bank), funda (realty website), Hyves (social network), Tempo-team (temp agency) and Zekur.nl (healthcare provider). How it works Layar is derived from location based services and works on mobile phones that include a camera, GPS and a compass. Layar is first avaliable for handsets with the Android operating system (the G1 and HTC Magic). It works as follows Starting up the Layar application automatically activates the camera. The embedded GPS automatically knows the location of the phone and the compass determines in which direction the phone is facing. Each partner provides a set of location coordinates with relevant information which forms a digital layer. By tapping the side of the screen the


junaio indoor navigation in the App Planet exhibition at Mobile World Congress

More information can be found here: augmentedblog.wordpress.com

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